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Lasuna KelRopy (3/10/2019)
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Melina - 8k1QrRjM
Great thoughts. Suja (12/31/2014)
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qkjecwr - XPYeLviTdDZ
QlDoegrN (8/11/2012)
The book is: Looking for Alaska by John Green. Even though this book is a YA book, has won some arwads, and is rated really high on goodreads it would definitely be a DIRT book.The book is about a boy who goes off to a boarding school and makes new friends. However, there is so much horrible language in it that I had to give up on it fairly quickly. I wanted to see what happened in the book so I thumbed through it quickly only to come across lots of teenage drinking, smoking, explicit sexual content and bad language on almost every page. I counted the F-word used 4 times on just one page. I would avoid this book and make sure it didn’t get into my children’s hands.I just thought maybe you could put something on your website to warn other people.Thanks!

Nungning - KMnoRKRpPRiWPS